Georgina Clark

Georgina Clark makes beautiful, handmade, one-off objects: homeware, hair accessories and jewellery.  Examples of each can be found at her website. She's been kind enough to sit for a portrait and answer my questions. Thanks again George! 


What is the earliest piece of art (music / visual art / film - any medium in fact) that you remember having an impact on you and why was it special? 

‘Unique Forms Of Continuity in Space’

1913 bronze Umberto Boccioni

This was one of the first pieces of are that I can remember. It was during a school trip, I’m not sure why but it just caught me.

It was probably the first time I solely made the decision of liking a piece of art without the input of someone else.

I still enjoy the piece today and I guess you could say was the beginning of my love for sculpture.

If you could invite four creative’s round for dinner, who would they be and why? 

Believe it or not, I found this question the hardest!

These would be my choices at the moment: 

Clifford Branch

Sally Campbell-gray

Brendan Hayes

Shelley Thomas

What part of the process of the production of a work, from conception to the piece being worn, do you enjoy the most?
 I enjoy most of the practical and physical aspects to be honest. 

Each piece can be so different from the next, from tedious to enjoyed at different stages.

Are there any novels or stories that have had a particularly significant impact on you?

I love to read.

I love getting lost in a book and it transporting you from your everyday life. Reading in itself is influential to me.

Aesthetics or ideas - are they equally important to your work? Do you put beauty before form or vice versa, or do you think about your work in a different way? 

I think they are both equally important in my line of art. I love how things are made: things with function and purpose, and I think that this can be beautiful in itself.

On the other hand, making metal into jewellery is a beautiful transition to watch, watching your work turn into something aesthetically pleasing. 

Jewellery can look so different once warn on the body.

What would you like the future to hold in store in terms of your creative development?

The opportunity and freedom to create is very important and I’m lucky that I have the opportunity. I would like to continue growing and learning.

Sculpture has always been an interest and something I would like to explore further.

The plan is to continue to create!